Journal mission

CBC is aimed at publishing scientific research work relevant for the advancement of developing chemical computers and bio-inspired computing machines. Though limited, recent advances in the fields of DNA computing, reaction computing and molecular computing suggest that inherent properties of biological and other molecular machineries can be exploited to develop next generation computers or wet-computers. Nevertheless, the journey has just begun and there are cascade of challenged before we can really develop universal computing machines using already available biomaterials.

What is chemo-bio computing?

Chemo-bio computing refers to the wide range of technologies which are aimed as developing computing machines by making use of chemical reactions and inherent capabilities of biological molecules like DNA. 

Unlike computational biology or computational chemistry where tools from computer science/mathematics are used to understand biological systems, the main focus of chemo-bio computing field is to make use of our understanding of biological molecules and chemical reactions in developing next generation computing machines.

What we do?

We publish peer-reviewed research articles focusing on development of new machines and algorithm motivated from biological and chemical systems. 

A review article may also be accepted for publication if the article provides a detailed treatment of current state of the art and future direction in the area of Chemo-Bio Computing. 

Salient features
KPG strongly believes that reviewers' contribution is very important in helping authors in identifying potential areas of manuscript improvement. Therefore, after blind review, all accepted papers list the name of reviewers and provide access to review reports. This makes the complete review process more transparent and helps us in giving the due credits to the reviewers.

All published papers will be available to readers without subscription.

Vision, Mission and Values Statement of KPG
Vision Statement

Knowledge Publishing Group seeks to become both a source and an engine of leading scientific discoveries and technological advancements.

Mission Statement

To support and to give voice to scientific discoveries and innovation.

Values Statement

KPG's Core Values are:

1. Encourage multidisciplinarity approach.
2. Support fusion of science and innovation.
3. Give voice to novel ideas.
4. Rediscover the lost knowledge.